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Who we are ?

We, Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., LTD, are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of various high quality rock drilling tools widely used for mining, quarrying, construction, tunneling, oil (gas) driling, construction and civil engineering . Established in 2002, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products quality while reducing the cost by combining with state of the art design, selected premium raw materials ,advanced workshop and highly skilled workforce. We carry a comprehensive range of rock drilling tools including TH(top hammer) drilling tools, DTH( down the hole) drilling tools, diamond exploration drilling tools, SDA(self drilling anchor) tools and rotary drilling tools( drag bits and tricone bits).Thanks to excellent quality and competitive price, our products have been exported to 78 countries till 2012, especially in some european countries and North America countries, we share a good market.

What we can do?

We always believe quality and price are the most important two factors when our customers judge whether any product is good or not. So from our establishment, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products quality by state of the art technologies, preminum raw materials and advanced management system. Meanwhile, we are always doing our best to reduce the cost for each piece of our products we are manufacturing. By all these efforts we are making, we can asssure our all customers that our drilling cost per meter is the lowest.
Most importantly, professional pre-sale service, prompt after-sale service and very strong financial support are our unique advantages. During the pre-sale process, we always carefully study each case, including but not limited to rock hardness, rock abrasiveness, drilling method, drilling conditions, drills type, etc, then we offer our professional suggestions to our customers. From delivering our products, we warrant each piece of our products to be free defects in materials and workmanship for 200 days, and for any claim, we promise we must resolve within 5 working days generally or within 10 working days if things are much complicated. Additionally, we have an advanced financial system to support our each client, according to our each client’s different credit ratings and historical payment performance, we offer various financial support resolutions.

What we want to do?

No matter what kind of rock drilling tools you need, we always provide “one stop shop” style service to meet you.
Doing best to reduce your drilling cost per each meter is our mission, looking forward to establishing a long term business cooperation with you is our everlasting goal.

What we have to do?

Not only manufacture various high quality rock drilling tools, but also supply very professional and high efficiency service from pre-sale to after-sale.
Continuous improvement of our products quality and service is our permanent job because we believe “ there is no best, only better”.
We must do as what we promise to our each customer.